Kinesys On Queen and Paul Rodgers

A 48-way Kinesys automation system with Vector control is in action on the current Queen and Paul Rodgers tour, utilised for moving lighting trusses and an 85sq.m horizontal-splitting upstage video screen.

This was specified by lighting designer Baz Halpin, is operated by Barry Branford and supplied through Bandit Lites UK for the UK and European sections of the tour.
The screen is constructed from a combination of Barco O-Lite frames – a solid section in the centre and asymmetrically populated frames radiating outwards, along with 304 ACL bulbs. It is 17m wide and 5m tall, weighs seven tonnes and was fabricated by Brilliant Stages. On the road, it is suspended by 24 half tonne Lodestar motors with Kinesys Elevation 1+ drive units.
12 motors are lifting the top half of the screen and 12 are attached to steel stingers passing through the centres of the bottom panels, picking up from the bases of the frames.

The main lighting trusses are seven upstage/downstage fingers, all of which move and are rigged on a total of eighteen one tonne Lodestars with Kinesys drive units. The centre three fingers are hinged at the downstage edges, the centre one has two hinges and four motors, the two flanking it have one hinge and three motors and the other four fingers all have two motors each.

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