Kinesys Elevation System & Vector Used On Peter Gabriel’s Back To Front Tour

A Kinesys Elevation system being controlled by Kinesys Vector has been used on Peter Gabriel’s ‘Back to Front’ tour, which has just finished its European leg. Notorious for his visual innovation and creativity, Peter Gabriel used vintage equipment combined with cutting edge technologies to create a show that truly commemorated the 25th anniversary of his ‘So’ album as well as captivating audiences.

According to Kinesys/Helix Operator, Blane Dracup (Robbie Williams, U2, Rolling Stones), while there wasn’t an excessive amount of automation in the show, it made an impact when it was deployed. Dracup controlled the movement of the custom circular truss (built by Total Solutions), above the middle of the stage, using a Kinesys system controlled by Vector to reveal a custom-built helix-shaped structure and a kabuki that then drops to reveal Gabriel.

“As automation isn’t used throughout, this means it would be more noticeable if there were to be a problem, especially regarding set pieces the motor control reveals,” said Dracup.

“It needed to be spot on and there was no room for error. The artist was standing underneath, so safety was paramount.”

“The main event is the second to last song – Tower – when the specialist helix and kabuki comes down to leave Peter stood downwards.”

Although Dracup has used a variety of automation systems, he has found Kinesys to be the most reliable and readily available. “It’s simple to use and easy to set up, whereas many predecessors were finicky and unreliable,” he said. “For a tour like this, Kinesys is the only way to go. I like how straightforward it is and how easy it is to repeat what you’re doing every day. I don’t have to spend time setting things up for different trim heights so it’s really designed for touring.”

For more information on the Elevation System click here.

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