It works in conjunction with LibraCELLsLibraBASIC and LibraPRO controllers. The software enables users to get a live readout of weights placed on LibraCELLs, as well as offering logging and archiving facilities. These are available in kg or lbs.

The LibraVIEW software allows all activity to be logged and exported to a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file which can be opened by any text or spreadsheet application. It is also possible to automate this process to archive logs.

When used in conjunction with a LibraPRO controller, relays can be triggered when an underload or overload is detected by the LibraCELLs. These relays can be programmed to trigger sounders or visual warnings as well as triggering an emergency stop.

LibraVIEW can be downloaded for free from the Support section here.


  • Features

    • Works with USB and/or Ethernet interfaces
    • View individual loads or group loads
    • Set Overload and Underload warnings and alarms
    • View data as figures or graphs
    • Full data logging capabilities


    Minimum System Requirements

    • Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • 1 x USB or 1 x Ethernet Ports
    • 1024 x 768 minimum resolution


  • 08/09/2010

    When installing and running LibraVIEW for the first time, ensure you are logged in as an administrator in order to avoid any issues with user permissions. 

    If you are not running in administrator mode the first time you connect to a Libra controller via USB you will see the following error message.

    This error means that the USB connection is not running at full speed and needs administrator privileges to do so. This error will appear every time you launch the application, until the latency settings are automatically changed, by logging in as an administrator.