Kinesys Releases LibraWATCH v4.0.1 Update

The Kinesys multi-platform load monitoring software application goes through an extensive overhaul with a host of new features and a brand new design.

All New Design

The new LibraWATCH update arrives with a new user interface that is beautifully designed in its simplicity. Kinesys has opted for an almost completely flat interface, that even with a strong list of new features, it is as easy to navigate as always. The update will feel instantly familiar to users that have already used our software, and new users will be able download, install and get it to work instantly, thanks to the well balanced design of the interface and the menu system.


All New Features

Multi page view, Drag and Drop cells in Stage Plan and new languages are just a few of the new features available in the new LibraWATCH update.

The new features added to this update have been introduced to make working with LibraWATCH more productive for the end user;


Multipage View

It gives users the option to have the graphic, table and plan views all together on one screen. The diversity this adds to the software results in a more productive experience that will be instantly noticeable. This new feature, also adds an interactive wheel button in the middle that
enables users to drag and select the desired size of each screen as well as reordering screens. The best part of this feature, however, is that the configuration of the user’s screen is automatically saved when LibraWATCH is closed, so the next time the software is opened, it continues exactly as it was left.


Drag and Drop

To make things more productive when setting up the load rig with LibraWATCH, a cell drag and drop feature has been added into the plan view. Users can still enter the coordinates manually within the channel setup, but now, they have a better visual representation when setting up load cells, this makes setting up the show a lot easier, more dynamic and very intuitive to the user.


Bypass Option

The new LibraWATCH update now lets the user temporarily bypass load cells or groups for load-in operations. When a cell or group is bypassed, the channel will not create a trip in the LibraPRO’s relays or within LibraWATCH’s notifications or alarms. Cells that have been bypassed are easily identified within the LibraWATCH interface, and the function is not saved once the system is powered down, therefore when the system is powered back again, the rig is fully enabled.


New Language Packs

LibraWATCH is now available in more than ten languages, making the software multi-lingual makes touring and monitoring loads of rigs in different countries a lot more accessible. LibraWATCH can be displayed in Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, English.


For more information and to download LibraWATCH click here.


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